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OriginClear’s Pool Preserver Can Expand Pool Cleaning Businesses

January 14, 2020

Mobile system purifies over-treated swimming pools without wasting water

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLN), The Water Company for the New Economy™, today announced commercial availability of the Pool Preserver™ – a trailer-based system that can help expand a pool cleaning business without adding skilled labor.

Managed Remotely

“Pool professionals can connect the Pool Preserver in the morning, then be free to work on repairs for the same customer or even move to other pool locations,” said Tom Marchesello, OriginClear Chief Operating Officer. “Once the unit is operational, Pool Preserver can be managed remotely. It can even shut itself down once the pool reaches its predetermined level of cleanliness. You might even prefer to leave the system overnight to take it to the next day’s customer!”

Tremendous Asset

Pool Preserver can help build a business, too. “Most people clean their own pools,” said Dwight Barber, the Arizona-based pool professional who pioneered the concept as an early OriginClear customer. “Pool Preserver gets me into their backyard so I can sell them my scheduled cleaning package. While there I can also make any necessary repairs and locate other issues that may need attention—and generate billings. It’s a tremendous asset to build any pool cleaning business.”

Water as a Career Program

Existing pool cleaning businesses can easily launch a Pool Professional business with training from OriginClear’s pioneering Water as a Career™ program, which also provides new career opportunities to entrepreneurs affected by COVID. Watch the video here.

Restoring Water Clarity

Pool Preserver effectively restores water clarity to swimming pools that are cloudy and dingy from years of continued chemical addition and unbalanced water chemistry by removing excess total dissolved solids (TDS).

Before Pool Preserver, pool maintenance methods could leave mineral rings around a pool’s edges while also discarding tens of thousands of gallons of old water. Instead, that water can be restored to premium-grade quality, often avoiding penalty water rates, and potentially eliminating the cracking and foundation problems caused by emptying pools.

Extensive Pilot

“We’ve piloted Pool Preserver extensively in the Phoenix area, including complete financing and training in both the business and the marketing of this amazing machine,” said Alan Wallace, OriginClear VP of Marketing. “We’re excited to put even more professionals into Pool Preserver!”.

Pool cleaning professionals and consumers alike should fill out the form at

Remarkable Technology

“The Pool Preserver is a remarkable piece of technology. Not only does it purify contaminated and cloudy pool water while restoring its clarity, but it also helps preserve our precious water resources.

“Most people do not think much about where their fresh water comes from and if you happen to own a pool that holds, say 10,000 gallons, and you use the Pool Preserver, you have saved 10,000 gallons of water that can be used for drinking and sanitation purposes. This reduces the burden placed upon the local public water utility who must source this water, treat this water, and then distribute the treated water to its customers.

“Filling swimming pools represents a huge water demand and its impact on local water supplies, especially in locations suffering from water scarcity, are enormous. To take this a step further, say 100 pool owners used Pool Preserver, this would essentially save 1,000,000 gallons of clean drinking water. If a normal person consumes an average of say, 64 ounces of water daily, this will equate to preserving drinking water for 2,000,000 people for a single day!” said Dan Early, OriginClear Chief Engineer.

Made in USA

Pool Preserver is engineered and manufactured by Progressive Water Treatment™ (PWT), OriginClear’s wholly owned subsidiary located in McKinney, Texas. PWT’s superior product reputation, solid industry relationships, and twenty years of experience building advanced water treatment packages are leveraged in the production of each Pool Preserver. This means PWT delivers a robust system at an affordable price. To see the Pool Preserver in action watch: OriginClear Launches Pool Preserver™, its First Trailer-Based System – YouTube

For a more complete technology review and understanding of Pool Preserver, reverse osmosis, and chemistry related aspects of this product go to the Pool Preserver Technology page here.